The Struggle and Journey to Make the Symetra and LPGA Tour with Elizabeth Schultz


795: Elizabeth Schultz started playing golf at 13…and played in the Women’s US Open at 16! She was also a successful player in college. But today, Elizabeth is grinding it out to make the Symetra Tour and fill her potential as a professional golfer on Tour. In this conversation, she talks about her life on the road as she struggles to climb up to the LPGA Tour. I initially met Elizabeth as she was playing in the 2021 Women’s US Open qualifier at Marin Country Club. You may want to check out this episode on our GolfSmarterTV YouTube channel because instead of commercial breaks that you’ll hear on the podcast, we insert video from three consecutive holes that I shot while following her. Her caddie for the afternoon was J. J. Resnick, who was featured on Golf Smarter (episode785) as being President Gerald Ford’s personal caddie. You’re invited to follow Elizabeth’s journey on Twitter @lizzayschultz


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This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans 111 we ask the question “The Perfect Golf Swing – Is It Really That Important?” as we speak with PGA Certified Instructor and former Tour Player John Grund. This is part 1 of a 2 part conversation. Part 2 has never been publicly shared before.

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