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About GolfSmarter

For golfers of all skill levels, GOLF SMARTER provides course management strategy, tips, drills, advice, and insights from PGA Teaching Professionals. But our forte is digging deep with mental-game coaches and sports psychologists on how to be a smarter golfer. First launched in 2005, Golf Smarter, is the pioneer that is now golf’s longest running podcast.

Our podcast is guaranteed to make you a better golfer. Sure, “guaranteed” is a strong claim when unsubstantiated, but based on more than 450 reviews (4.5 star avg) in Apple Podcasts from golfers around the world, we feel confident saying that you’ll get better too! With a library of more than 775 weekly episodes, host Fred Greene pursues questions that raise our golf IQ and achieve lower scores. We also bring you stories of golf “lifestyle” with club designers, golf course architects, authors, tech entrepreneurs, travel, and people with incredible golf stories…did you hear the one about the guy who snuck into North Korea to play their National Open? We were the only media outlet to cover the story!

Now get TWO new episodes each week with Golf Smarter and Golf Smarter Mulligans. Podcast apps only carry 300 episodes of any show, but because our library has more than 400 interviews that are no longer available, nearly of which are focused on great golf instruction, we want you to have access to more content to improve your game. All the experts agree: You play better and have more fun when you GOLF SMARTER.

Fred Greene

Fred Greene is the creator and host of GolfSmarter. He has the eyes, ears, heart, and timing of a great story teller, along with an obsession for new technology, and a passion for sports production. His creative consultation and production services have elevated the brands of Hewlett Packard, the NFL, Anheuser-Busch,Troon Golf, Robert Half International, and numerous municipalities and non-profit organizations. Fred thrives on unleashing his energy on the next project. From development through distribution, Fred’s experience as producer, editor and crew, along with his vast network of specialists, make his videos your most cost effective marketing tool. Fred is also a podcasting pioneer. As host of the top rated “Golf Smarter” podcast each week since 2005, he is highly skilled at developing content that establishes thought leadership and builds brand awareness.

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