The Kinda Annual Matty B PGA Tour Awards! And The New Golf Smarter Academy


618: Our resident comedian/radio personality/TV host Matty Blake returns for our (kinda) annual MattyB PGA Tour Awards. Both Fred and MattyB take playing golf seriously, but not so much the Tour, and once again we look back at last year’s season to skewer the best and worst moments of the PGA Tour for 2017. Irreverent, irresponsible, and a little off base, we also honor the great moments that may or may not go down in history….but we’re having fun, right?

This episode is also the launch of our Golf Smarter Academy with Tony Manzoni presented by HealthIQ. Each week listeners call 415-761-1498 to ask a question about their game and get it answered on the show by Tony. Those listeners who get answered receive a free copy of Tony’s DVD “The Lost Fundamental” and a workout shirt from HealthIQ. For more and to learn how to take a clinic with Tony, please check out the full page at

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