STIX Golf Clubs Deliver Style, Performance, and Results at an Unbelievable Price


813: Shopping for new golf clubs is never easy. Price. Performance. Style. Those are all important considerations, but not always in sync. Until now. Where else can you purchase a full set of well made, great looking clubs, with a bag and head covers for under $1,000US?! Host Fred Greene has just played a competitive round with only 6 STIX clubs (3w/6i/8i/52*/60*) and was blown away at the sound, feel, weighting, and results. He shares his story with CEO Gabe Coyne and gets more information on why these are great clubs for most skill levels, and as an extra set to have ready at any time. Here’s our affiliate link so they know you heard about them from Golf Smarter!

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This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans 129, Jamie Zimron, our golf sensei, returns for part2 of BLISS Golf from her award winning video series. Originally published in 2010.