FlightPath Golf tees: Has the Perfect Golf Tee Finally Been Invented? | #872

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872: There was something about the unique design and explanation of the FlightPath Golf Tee on Instagram that caught my eye, and I thought what the heck I’ll give it a try. During the first round, I noticed that my drives were going much straighter than usual, but gave myself more credit than the tees. But round after round, I was hitting more fairways and my yardage also increased. It took almost a year to go through the box of 8 tees, but I was hooked and ordered another. Now almost two years in, it was time to order another box, but this time, I needed to find out more. Our guest this week is the inventor, Daniel Whalen, PhD, an environmental engineer who was challenged by his inventor father to come up with something the golf world had never witnessed before. A USGA compliant tee that reduces frictional resistance and allows you to hit straighter and farther than ever before. Click here to learn more.

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