My 3 Favorite Insights to Teach Golfers with Todd Kolb of USGolfTV | golf SMARTER #858


858: Todd Kolb is golf entrepreneur specializing in helping you play better golf, yet he also helps companies build their golf business. His YouTube channel at USGolfTV is a wealth of easy to understand and execute videos directed at golfers of all skill levels. His book, “The Bad Lie:Why Traditional Golf Instruction is Failing You (And What to Do Instead)” is available on Amazon We address what exactly he means by “Traditional” golf instruction and why it’s failing. Learn more at

Here’s a really helpful recent tip from Todd’s USGolfTV channel.

This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans #174 we talk to former PGA Tour South Africa player, Mel Sole who provides insights, tips, and incredible stories of learning from and playing with Tour legends.

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