You Don’t Need to Be a PGA Tour Level Talent To Hit Effective Chip Shots with Brandon Stooksbury


809: Brandon Stooksbury returns to discuss his first and Amazon Best Selling book The Wedge Book. Brandon is currently the Head Golf Professional at Metairie Country Club just outside of New Orleans, which has just been slammed from Hurricane Ida. Being without power or internet, Brandon drove 30 minutes just to get a cell signal so that we can record this episode. In the first part of our conversation, he shares what he, his family, and the golf course have been struggling through over the past week. It’s a longer than usual episode and we do cover a lot of information about how to improve your short game. Even if you can drive the ball long and straight, and can make an occasional long putt, if you don’t have a good short game, your scores will suffer. The key is to practice! We go over drills, concepts, and vital information on how to improve getting closer to the hole with your wedges. Find more at

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This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans 125 Dr. Joseph Parent returns for part 2 of introducing us to the book “The Art of the Mental Game”. Dr Joe also answers a lot of listener questions about making your mental game stronger and more effective. This was a Members Only episode originally published in 2010 and has never been available to the public before.