Where is Your Club Head At Impact? And What Can You Learn From That?


619: Martin Chuck returns to showcase why he’s one of the most popular YouTube golf instructors today. His recent success with Revolution Golf exemplifies his understanding of how the golf swing works and what simple adjustments we can make to achieve better and more consistent success in our game.  Have you ever seen the informercial for the Tour Striker club? That’s just one of Martin’s impressive list of inventions that have helped golfers of all skill levels. Martin has been a Golf Smarter guest many times before and you can access our archives to hear more of Martin’s insights and instruction. Check out episodes 315, 333, 422, 425, & 488.

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In our last episode, MattyB and I were wondering aloud what we could call the global community of Golf Smarter listeners. Mark Douangchanh suggested “smartypants”. Not bad, but we’re not there yet. Here’s what I came up with,  we are Golf Martyrs! And our rally cry is “Study. Practice. Sacrifice. And I still can’t putt!”  lemmeknow