Want to Play College Golf? Get the Inside Scoop on How to be a Student Athlete


591: If playing golf in college is a goal for you, or someone you know, then you want to hear this conversation with Nick Tannahill, the Golf Head Recruiting Coach for NCSASports.org. Whether you’re just looking for free recruiting advice or are seriously interested in how to get college scholarships, they make sure you get expert advice, completely personalized to you, to help you get recruited. Nick and other scouts at NCSA Sports often hear the question, “Do I really need a recruiting profile? If I’m good enough, won’t coaches come to scout me?” No one, no matter how much of a star player, can rely on serendipity in the scouting process. Because of college recruiting regulations, time constraints, and their athletic department’s budget, college coaches don’t have the resources to travel the country to see recruits.

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