The Four Pillars of Clutch Golf from “The Clutch Golfer Formula” by Dr. Glen Albaugh


748: Dr. Glen Albaugh, co-author with Eric Jones, PGA (episode 725) of “The Clutch Golfer Formula: How to Hit the Exact Shot You Want at Precisely When You Need It” joins us for his fifth appearance on Golf Smarter since 2006. His first book, “Winning The Battle Within” is a great, and classic mental game book as Dr. Albaugh is highly regarded in the sports psychology coaching circles for many, many years. Throughout our conversations on the podcast, like a great swing, his message is consistent “…the perfect swing is the one you trust”. You can pick up the book on Amazon at

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This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans #64, based on the suggestion from a PGA Teaching Professional who is also a Golf Smarter listener, we talk to Joe Plecker, a Golf Digest Top 100 Instructor in an episode we call “How to Incorporate Course Management to Remove the Pressure of Par”.