The Clutch Golfer Formula with 2x World Long Drive Champion Eric Jones, PGA


725:  We all love to witness a clutch performance in any sport. Even better, we like to deliver a clutch shot. But how can you be confident that you have what it takes to make the shot? Eric Jones, PGA, MA has won the World Long Drive Championship two times, so he not only performs, but knows how to perform under pressure. He’s just co-authored a fabulous book with legendary mental game coach, Dr. Glen Albaugh called “The Clutch Golfer Formula: How to Hit Exactly The Shot You Want Precisely When You Need It”. In this week’s conversation Eric joins us to discuss what it means to be a clutch performer, the skills required to deliver when called upon, and how to practice those skills so that when you need to make the clutch shot, you’re relieved of the pressure. Eric mentions a couple websites you may want to investigate. and his own teaching site,  You can pick up the book on Amazon at

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