The Best Players In The World Also Make Unforced Mental Mistakes featuring Dr. Don Greene


939: Dr. Don Greene, a sports psychologist, shares his background in competitive diving and how he transitioned to working with golfers and performing artists. Dr. Greene also discusses his experience working with PGA players and the impact of mental toughness in golf. He highlights the need for perspective and not taking golf too seriously. Overall, Dr. Greene emphasizes the importance of mental toughness and focus in achieving success in sports and performing arts. Dr. Don Greene discusses the cause of unforced errors in sports and music, focusing on the role of the shadow in performance. He explains how the persona and shadow influence athletes and musicians, leading to unexplained mistakes. In golf, unforced errors are often caused by the shadow’s unresolved trauma. Dr. Greene emphasizes the importance of a pre-shot routine and mental quiet to overcome fear and doubt. He offers his advice for amateur golfers on how to approach mental training that can be applied to various fields.
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