Taking Your Golf Game to the Next Level – One Club at a Time (pt2 of 3) with Tony Manzoni (RIP)


733: In our final week of honoring the memory of Tony Manzoni (RIP) on Golf Smarter, we split an episode from late 2015 up into three parts. Last week on Mulligans #48 was part 1 of this conversation that lasted a couple episodes. In this conversation we get into the various clubs, what you can do to improve your success, and what you can expect from each club in your bag. And as usual, Tony has incredible stories about Ben Hogan, whom Tony studied at length.

The conclusion of this episode can be heard on #49 of Golf Smarter Mulligans. Make sure to order hand inspected, sanitized, premium used golf balls from TwoGuysWithGolfBalls.com before April 1, 2020 using “golfsmarter” at checkout for 20% any order over $49.

Next week to cope with being on lockdown during the pandemic, we’ll bring back Thomas Malchow to talk about how to keep your body in golf shape while being at home.