Sir Nick Faldo, John Daly, Rick Smith, Jim McLean All Wear SQAIRZ Golf Shoes Because of Results.

Unboxing and first look at “Speed” SQAIRZ golf shoes

814. Sir Nick Faldo. John Daly. Jim McLean. Rick Smith. All wear SQAIRZ golf shoes because they improve their golf game. A wild statement that usually means a paid endorsement. But that’s not the case. Each of these high profile golf professionals discovered SQAIRZ golf shoes on their own, tested them out and were convinced that these are the best golf shoes ever made. And now there’s science to back up some of these outrageous claims. Our guest this week is CEO and Founder of SQAIRZ, Bob Winscowicz and makes an important point. There’s only two points of contact in golf. Your hands with the club, and our feet with the ground. Listen to hear how the wrong shoes can rob you of distance, consistency, and swing speed. Check them out at

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This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans 130 is a pretty funny conversation with author of “Straight Down The Middle” Josh Karp. Josh wanted to find out for himself all these claims about the spiritual connection that so many golfers profess to achieve. So he took lessons from many of the mental coaches that have been featured on Golf Smarter including Fred Shoemaker, Dr. Joseph Parent, and Jamie Zimron. This book is about his adventure and mis-adventures to complete his quest. Originally published in 2010.