Short Game Tricks & Tips You Can Use (And Myths to Avoid) with Jim Waldron


941.  Summary: In this conversation, Jim Waldron and Fred Greene discuss various aspects of the short game in golf and dispel some common myths. They emphasize the need for solid contact and distance control in the short game, the role of pivot in generating power, the issue of scooping and Jim provides tips for controlling spin in different conditions. They cover topics such as distance wedges, taking spin off shots, the kinematic sequence, finesse swings, distance control, trajectory control, spin control, rhythm and tempo, and scoring in the short game. Jim and Fred also discuss various aspects of putting and chipping in golf. There are many misconceptions about putting, including the illusion created by watching professional golfers on TV.  The conversation then shifts to using an iron as a putter and the technique of the putt chip shot. They explore the resurgence of Scottish chipping and its technique, as well as when to use this shot. Finally, they discuss club selection and the carry-roll ratio in classical chipping on medium-sized greens.

  • The short game is an under-taught and poorly taught aspect of golf.
  • Solid contact and distance control are crucial in the short game.
  • Pivot plays a significant role in generating power and controlling spin in the short game.
  • Scooping is a common issue in the short game that needs to be addressed.
  • Controlling spin is essential in different conditions and shot types. Distance wedges are shots from about 65 to 120 yards that require medium spin and a lower trajectory.
  • Tour pros try to take spin off distance wedges to have better control over the carry distance.
  • The kinematic sequence is the transfer of energy from one body part to the next during the downswing, and it is different for power swings and distance wedges.
  • In the short game, a finesse swing with less spin and a softer version of the full swing is preferred.
  • Distance control in the short game is achieved through consistent length of backswing and a constant rhythm and tempo.
  • Scoring in the short game requires chipping and pitching the ball close to the hole to increase the chances of one-putting.
  • Watching professional golfers on TV can create misconceptions about putting.
  • Lie angle balance and lab putters can improve putting performance.
  • Using an iron as a putter can be effective for certain shots.
  • The putt chip shot is a specialized short game shot that can be useful around the green.
  • Scottish chipping is making a comeback in golf.
  • Classical chipping is a foundational technique for the short game on medium-sized greens.

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