More with Chip Beck on the PerfectMotion App, along with CEO Rich Kosowsky


772: 4x PGA Tour winner, Chip Beck returns for part 2 of our conversation. We cut him off early last week because he started talking about the new app-based expert system for training the motion of activities in performance called PerfectMotion. It’s a great new app where you get immediate feedback in addition to being able to have a PGA Teaching professional provide feedback and insights. Chip would love to work with you and is offering Golf SMARTER listeners the opportunity to have him work with you through the app for a full year for only $700!! Every time you use the app, you’ll get an email from Chip by the next day (in most cases) with insights, images, and tips to improve the issues he finds. Go to and mention “golfsmarter” to get your discount. His usual rate is $159mo or $1,908yr, so don’t miss your chance to work with him for all of 2021 and beyond.

Also on this episode we’re joined by PerfectMotion® app CEO Rich Kosowsky who gives us a full rundown on how the app works and what Artificial Intelligence provides to improve your swing. The app if free to download on iOS and Android and you can upgrade to the pro version for $5.99mo or $60yr. When you first login to the app, you’ll get to try the Pro Version free for 14 days. So don’t download it until you’re ready to give it a try. Go to for more.

This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans episode 88, we’re joined by Chuck Evans, a Top100 Teacher in America talking about fine tuning your swing, and how to identify and improve weaker parts of your game. He’s at