Miracles Happen on the Course Using “Grounded Golf” with Author Tara Fox


940: Summary In this episode, Tara Fox discusses her book ‘Grounded Golf’ and the importance of the mental game in golf. She shares her journey as a golf instructor and how she transitioned from being a player to teaching the game. The conversation covers topics such as the future of golf, the role of visualization, leaving personal issues off the golf course, and Tara’s golf travel business, TMI Golf with her husband Alan. Tara also talks about her mental game gurus and the power of energy and belief in psychic abilities. The episode concludes with a discussion on remote golf lessons and her website, GroundYourGolf.com.

  • The mental game is a crucial aspect of golf, and it is often overlooked by recreational golfers.
  • Visualization and leaving personal issues off the golf course can greatly improve performance.
  • Tara’s book ‘Grounded Golf’ focuses on steady performance under pressure, with a particular emphasis on women golfers.
  • Tara’s golf travel business, TMi Golf, offers customized golf trips to destinations like the UK, Portugal, and Spain.

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