Manuel de la Torre’s Disciple on The Definition of a “Swing” with Gary Sowinski, PGA | #877


877: Gary Sowinski spent more than 6 years working with and learning from Manuel de la Torre, author of Understanding The Golf Swing, and one of golf’s greatest instructors ever to instruct Tour Pros and recreational golfers. In this conversation we learn what Manuel demanded from his students and teachers, the concept of how the body moves, and how to define a ‘swing’. Manuel studied with Ernest Jones and his legendary father, Angel de la Torre. Manuel de la Torre passed away in 2016, but we were lucky to feature him on Golf Smarter in 2009 (still available as Golf Smarter Mulligans episode 90 – January 2021).

This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans #193, is a great compliment to this week’s conversation as we talk to the Golf Better Coach, Rick Koscher on how your body position can impact ball flight.

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