John Rahm’s Fitness Instructor Spencer Tatum Has Helpful Insights for Amateur Golfers!


805: John Rahm was a standout golfer in college and currently holds the 2021 US Open Championship. Part of his transformation that lead him to the top spot is due to his fitness training developed by today’s guest, Spencer Tatum. Spencer’s unique approach to fitness, performance training, and coaching stems from being an elite college athlete and suffering injuries. He firmly believes there is a clear pathway for clients to reach their goals, which he is carrying out through the development of Tatum Human Performance system at

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This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans 121 is more on the importance of fitness to play better golf. In part two with TPI Certified Instructor Ann Grassel, she answers listener questions about the differences between men and women golfers and hip rotation. In addition she’ll provide stretches you should do before, during and after your round.

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