Increase Your Golf Clubhead Speed: Focus on Flexibility & Mobility with Bobby Aldridge


796: Bobby Aldridge of Bam-Metrics has spent decades as an athlete, student, and educator of physical movement who understands the aches and pains that come from the repetitive motions associated with golf. He has developed BAMmetrics [Bobby Aldridge Method], a proprietary system used by professional athletes that helps increase mobility, unlocks joints and eliminates dysfunction while alleviating pain, preventing injury and increasing performance. Learn more at

We’re on the countdown to celebrate 800 episodes of the Golf Smarter podcast on July 6, 2021. Per your suggestions, host Fred Greene will be interviewed on how his game has changed hosting the longest running golf podcast. But what have you learned? Please share your greatest take-away from our show, or maybe you want to ask Fred a question that you need answered. Just call the Golf Smarter Hot Line at 415-761-1498 and leave your best take. We’ll include it in the episode! Deadline to record your call is at the end of the US Open on Sunday June 20 to be included. 415-761-1498. If we use your message on the episode, you’ll win a free copy of Tony Manzoni’s video “The Lost Fundamental”!

This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans 112, PGA Certified Instructor and former Tour Player John Grund returns for part 2 of our conversation. This episode called “Secrets The Pros Don’t Want You To Know” has never been publicly shared before as it was behind our Members Only paywall in 2009.

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