If You’ve Seen a Wedge Used on Tour – It Doesn’t Belong In Your Bag! with Terry Koehler


812: Terry “The Wedge Guy” Koehler has spent his life in pursuit of creating the best wedge for amateur players. In this episode you’ll hear how the average golfer is getting fooled by purchasing wedges that we see on the PGA Tour. Not only do we not hit wedges as precise as the Pros, but their wedges are customized for every golf course they play in competition depending on the course, conditions, bunker sand, etc. Tour Pros precision and accuracy dictates that they can hit the stick from almost any location inside 150 yards, and still get a tremendous amount of spin. Do you do that? If not, then you should listen to this episode, especially if you’re putting new wedges on your holiday wish list! EdisonWedges.com

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This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans 128 our golf sensei, Jamie Zimron introduces us to BLISS Golf in the first of two parts from her award winning video series. Originally published in 2010.