If You Cut Off Your Head, You’d Probably Play Better Golf! featuring Bill Beausay


747: Bill Beausay, PhD, is a golfer, writer, speaker, creator of MindRev Labs, and former Director of R&D at the Academy of Sports Psychology. To be elite at anything in life you need to play a different game than the one everyone else is playing. And when you have the courage to question everything and rebuild your approach from the ground up with new thinking, anything becomes possible. Physical skills can make you an excellent golfer, but to beat the competition and put your over the top, you need a finely tuned mental game.

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This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans #63, we continue this week’s conversation on improving your mental game with Dr. Robert K. Winters, Resident Sports Psychologist at the David Leadbetter Golf Academy World Teaching Headquarters. Our focus this week is to open the mailbag to answer listener questions about mental game issues.

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