If You Could Get 10 More Yards with Your Driver, What’s the Impact on the Rest of Your Clubs?


779: Roger Gunn, PGA returns to Golf Smarter to respond to host Fred Greene’s concern that increased yardage is a double edged sword. Of course we all want to hit the ball consistently, but we often speak of how much better we’d be if we could only hit it farther off the tee. There’s a lot more to gaining distance than a new club. It’s club head speed, flexibility, body type, proper mechanics, and fitted clubs. Let’s say you’ve achieved that distance, now you have to make adjustments with every club in your bag. Not so simple, right?   If flexibility is an issue for you, then don’t miss this week’s Golf Smarter Mulligans (read on)!

This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans episode 95, Katherine Roberts, a longtime friend of GOLF SMARTER discusses her book “Swing Flaws and Fitness Fixes” where she provides tips, drills and advice on how to improve flexibility, strength and stamina. Do you realize how important your breathing is to your success on the course? We talk a lot about breathing and how it can impact your focus and power, plus she provides a stretching exercise to use during your round to remove tension and keep you loose.