How To Quit Golf and Get Your Life Back with author Danny Cahill


945: Our guest this week is author of a very funny book ‘How to Quit Golf and Get Your Life Back’ by Danny Cahill.  Danny shares his own obsession with the game, the appeal of country club life, and his humorous perspective on the contradictions of golf, as well as the personal struggles that come with it. The conversation covers topics such as the decline of physical abilities, the impact of technology on the sport, and the challenges of balancing golf with other aspects of life.  We also discuss the unique communication and camaraderie that golf fosters among players, the frustrations and idiosyncrasies of the game, and the financial and time commitments involved. We also touch on the concept of consistency in golf and the compartmentalization of emotions and life issues while on the course. 

  • Golf can be a sacred and addictive sport, leading to obsessions and contradictions.
  • Joining a country club can provide a sense of community and family-friendly activities.
  • The decline of physical abilities in golf parallels the decline in other aspects of life.
  • Technology has improved the game of golf, allowing players to hit the ball further.
  • Writing a book requires discipline and trust in the creative process. Golf can be both a source of joy and frustration, with its unique challenges and idiosyncrasies.
  • Playing golf can create a sense of camaraderie and intimacy among players.
  • The financial and time commitments of golf can be significant.
  • Consistency in golf is a myth, as every shot is different and influenced by various factors.
  • Golf can serve as a form of escape and a way to compartmentalize life issues.
  • The book ‘How to Quit Golf and Get Your Life Back’ by Danny Cahill is recommended for golfers and those in relationships with golfers.

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