Golf+NFTs=A New Era In Golf! Introducing LinksDAO | golf SMARTER #833


833: Golf is generally not in the same conversation as Crypto Currency. And a lot of golfers may never have even heard of, or understand NFTs, or nonfungible tokens. But at the end of 2021 Mike Dudas had the idea of creating a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) for golf enthusiasts, with the ultimate goal of raising enough money to buy a golf course through the sale of NFTs. This would be a typical country club, but based in blockchain. So LinksDAO was born and sixteen days later they raised $11 Million dollars through the sale of a collection of NFTs. Our guests on this episode are two of the original founding members, Jim Daily and Adam Besvinick who share the story, educate us on NFTs and blockchain technology, what is Web3.0, and explain how you too can get involved with LinksDAO. To help us fill in the blanks of NFTs, host Fred Greene has brought along his son and “NFT Caddy”, Danny Greene, who is also the host of the Crypto Changemakers podcast.

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