Golf Yips can be Cured with Psycho Sensory Therapy by James Hymers


718: James Hymers is a “fast change” therapist based in Windsor Berkshire, UK. He rightly understands that in today’s fast paced world we prefer therapy that works fast too. By utilizing Psycho Sensory Therapy, James claims that his average client only needs two sessions to achieve freedom from anxiety, phobias, and the yips.  If you believe that this will help, he’s offering our listeners a 10% discount at with the checkout code “golfsmarter”.   In addition to face to face sessions, he’s very successful helping clients online.     

Congratulations to Paul T of Toronto, Canada, winner of a Full Access Pass to the Gravity Golf Challenge, courtesy of, valued at $500!  Our next giveaway is happening next episode so enter today to win a session to help cure your issue with Yips, phobias, or anxiety with today’s guest found at Enter at Deadline for entry is December 9, 2019 Midnight PDT.    

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