Golf is Like Blackjack. You Need a Strategy If You Want to Succeed!


642: Many golf pros prefer a playing lesson over driving range lessons. This gives them a chance to see how you handle yourself in difficult situations and get a better sense of your thought process on the course. In this week’s episode we talk to Grant Shafranski from his base in Minneapolis. Grant takes us through a couple of holes with an imaginary average player and shares his insights from tee to green on how to make better decisions that will help lower scores. He also provides tips on how to get close to the hole from around the green. You can find the Grant Shafranski Golf Academy page on Facebook or he teaches at the North Oaks Golf Club in the greater Minneapolis area.

The episode we teased last week about golf balls is going to be next week. So DO NOT buy any golf balls until you listen to episode 643 with Sam Hogan. You’ll learn more about the best ball for your game and how to save a LOT of money in the process.