Goals vs Decisions: A Decision Increases the Likelihood of Getting It Done!


630: Jeff Ritter, a regular contributor to the Golf Channel and Golf Digest is also a Golf Smarter favorite, as this is his 13th appearance on our podcast. Jeff is known for his unique approach to teaching the game. His passion for inspiration, body health and mental flexibility has set him apart as a purveyor of not only playing well but living well. Jeff announced his Make The Turn (MTT) initiative on Golf Smarter on episode 356 (11/6/12) that was the most popular series with more than 20 million viewers on Golf Digest TV. Now he’s here to report the release of the comprehensive MTT app that provides golf and health improvement tips, tricks and advice.

This week on the Golf Smarter Academy, Steven from San Antonio, TX needs some putting warmup drills and Tony has an answer that could help all of us. In his answer he talked about advice from five time Major winner, Dave Stockton. Dave was a featured guest on Golf Smarter #430 on 4/1/14 and I highly recommend that you check it out. If you’ve already heard it, listen again!  Let us help you! Submit your question by calling toll free 415-761-1498. Listeners who get answers receive a free copy of Tony Manzoni’s DVD “The Lost Fundamental”, a diploma from the Golf Smarter Academy, and the all new Golf Smarter ball marker!  Get more while you’re here at GolfSmarter.com/Academy