Exploring The PGA Merchandise Show 2023 – Pt2 -⛳️ 881


881: More from the PGA Merchandise Show 2023 in Orlando Florida. Days two and three were spent scouring the massive show floor for unique products and old friends. Each year the PGA Show, which is closed to the public, is where nearly 30,000 PGA Professionals, golf leaders, industry executives and retailers from more than 86 countries come together to meet with more than 800 golf companies to get hands-on experience and a first look at their newest products. Each of these interviews and more that didn’t make it to the podcast are also available as stand alone videos at YouTube.com/@golfsmarter.Here are links to the people we meet in this episode:

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This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans #197, again is well timed with the PGA Show as we go to part2 of our conversation with the unofficial spokesperson for professional custom club fitting, design, research and technology, Tom Wishon, in an episode we call Shoe Stores Won’t Sell 1 Size but Golf Shops Do With Clubs.
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