DO NOT Buy Golf Balls Till You Hear This Conversation with Sam Hogan!


643: sells premium used golf balls at the lowest prices. These balls aren’t those you find in the woods, either. Every ball is hand inspected and graded into 3 categories: Eagle; Birdie; Par. Eagle grade are basically brand new balls, but may have a logo on them. How clean are they? Let’s define a “used” golf ball…Pull a brand new, expensive ball out of the sleeve. Tee it up and swing. THAT’S now a used golf ball. This week’s conversation is with Sam Hogan, one of the founders of this company that also donates a portion of their sales to Arnie’s Army Charitable Foundation.  At the time of this writing, a new box of Titleist Pro V1 on is $48. sells them for $24. And for a new box of 2015 Pro V1 (there is a difference and you’ll learn it in this episode) is only $19!!

SAVE an additional 15% on any purchase from at checkout with code “golf smarter 15”, and that includes balls or any of their membership clubs.

These are savings you can’t afford to miss. Tell all your friends about the discount. And please make sure that they also check out the podcast!

This week on the Golf Smarter Academy, a listener who hits it far, but not straight, needs some advice. His email is based on our conversation with Grant Shafranski from last week’s episode (#642so we bring back Grant to answer his question.