Dave Pelz on Guilt Free Golf: The Benefits of Having Your Own Putting Green


631: Phil Mickleson’s coach, Dave Pelz, may be the most recognized short game instructor in golf today. Part of his mastery comes from being a physicist who loves golf, the other is that he possesses one of the most spectacular practice areas in his backyard that you’ll ever see.  In Part 1 of our conversation with Dave, we discuss how having a backyard practice area has improved both his game and his family life. When he was on Golf Smarter last April (episode 586), Dave introduced Host Fred Greene to an outdoor practice product called SynLawn. As we record this episode Fred’s new 5 hole putting green/chipping area installed by SynLawn Bay Area is being completed. Up next week, Dave returns to provide us with drills, games, and advice on how to best utilize your home practice to impact your scores on the course.

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