Course Design Should Take The Golfer Through a Carousel of Emotions with Augie Piza


936: Golf course architect Agustin Piza discusses the concept of the Piza effect, which emphasizes the importance of the journey and experience in golf course design. He explains how golfers should approach different types of courses and plan their shots strategically. Piza also introduces the Butterfly Golf design concept, which offers a unique and flexible approach to golf course layout. He discusses the land requirements for a golf course and the interest in his innovative design concepts. Piza also discusses the concept of Wellness Golf and how it facilities focus on connecting with nature and providing a more relaxed and enjoyable golf experience. Overall, the conversation emphasizes the innovation and unique approach to golf course architecture that Piza Golf brings. Takeaways

  • Piza Golf is known for its innovative and unique approach to golf course architecture.
  • Wellness Golf courses focus on connecting with nature and providing a shorter, more relaxed and enjoyable experience.
  • Mexico offers great golf courses, particularly wellness golf resorts that cater to families.

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