Ben Hogan’s Secret Letter Discovered with Tony Manzoni (RIP)


731: As we continue our March with Manzoni, we remember the incredible teachings of the late Tony Manzoni, one of the most sought after coaches on the GolfSmarter podcast as he shares his life long pursuit of Ben Hogan’s golf swing secret. Years ago Tony received a letter written in Hogan’s hand that explains his secret to becoming a great ball striker. Tony taught thousands of students and coached the College Of The Desert golf team to 28 Conference Championships in 29 years before he passed away in 2018 at 82.

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This is Part 1 of an hour long conversation with Tony. Part 2 picks up right where this leaves off on episode #47 of Golf Smarter Mulligans. Golf Smarter Mulligans is usually published on Fridays, but as we dedicate this month to Tony’s instruction, we’ll publish both Golf Smarter and Golf Smarter Mulligans on Tuesdays. Subscribe for free to both Golf Smarter and Golf Smarter Mulligans wherever you find your favorite podcasts.

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