Be Careful in Your Setup • Be Carefree with Your Swing! featuring Josh Zander


917: Josh Zander of returns for a free flowing conversation about improving your game that we call “Be Careful in Your Setup: Be Carefree with Your Swing!” Josh has made some incredible offers to Golf Smarter listeners. Use checkout code “GolfSmarter” at both of these links to learn more: This one gets you 50% off your first year of access to his complete video library And for a free video consultation, along with $100 off a year of instruction, go to . Lastly, Josh wants you to watch this great segment from an interview between Flaherty and Phil Mickelson
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This week Golf Smarter Mulligans episode #233, we’re joined by WSJ weekly golf columnist, John Paul Newport who reported each year on the four majors. He shares his feelings about covering various players he’s interviewed including Tiger, Phil, Rory and others. This is part 1 of 2 from 2012.
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