A Father & Daughter Golf Outing That Turned into a Parent’s Nightmare


815: Steve Ryan and his middle daughter Kaitlin played golf together multiple times each week, whether for 18 holes, or just working on their game at the range. But on April 19, 2020 while working on their short game, Kaitlin looked up and saw her father laying face down on the ground. She had learned CPR in middle school and jumped into action that resulted in saving her father’s life. A thousand people experience Sudden Cardiac Arrest EVERY day outside of a hospital setting, but only 1 in 10 survive. Unlike other heart conditions, SCA affects people of ages and requires immediate action to increase the chances of survival. Hear their incredible story and learn more about what you can do to because every minute that passes, survival decreases by 10%. Learn more at Medtronic.com/suddencardiacarrest. Kaitlin has started a charity tournament that raised over $31,000 for AHA and SCA Foundation. Follow their progress at https://www.facebook.com/thechipinforsca

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Check out Fred’s video from his vacation of one of the most beautiful Par3’s in the world. #17 at TPC Danzante Bay. https://youtu.be/507t97qp8Gw

This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans 131 is part 1 with Paul Hobart on his book, Banana Putting which is an effective system that can impact the way you look at putting and putting performance.

#17 TPC Danzante Bay, Loreto, Mexico – One of the most breathtaking Par 3s in the world.