A Beginner Documents His Quest to Become a Scratch Golfer | #896


896: Golf can’t be that difficult to understand, learn, and conquer, can it? Jerome Rufin believes it, so he launched a YouTube documentary series called “Scratch to Scratch” that documents his daily quest from knowing nothing about the sport…and I do mean nothing…to be a scratch golfer. The videos are informative, enlightening, compelling and sometimes frustrating to watch as he gets advanced instruction at a rapid pace. But it’s clear by watching that he, like many of us, is sometimes lost about what it all means and how it works. Even with a team of coaches and full time dedication, Jerome believes he could shoot par regularly in less than 5 years. In this conversation, we learn just how his innocent naiveté is keeping his spirits high and his frustration in check. https://www.youtube.com/@JeromeRufin

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