552 Premium: Bobby Clampett on the Impact Zone


552: Bobby Clampett was the Low Amateur at the 1979 US Open and the 1980 Masters. He played on the PGA Tour and the Champions Tour in addition to being a network golf announcer/commentator. After playing with over 1,000 amateurs at more than 220 Pro-Ams he noticed something about their divots that separates high handicappers from Tour players. “…the Touring pros had a swing bottom approximately 4 inches in front of the center of the golf ball. For every inch amateurs were behind that 4 inches, equated to, on average, 4 strokes per inch!” In this week’s episode Bobby talks with host Fred Greene about his history, greatest influences, the Golfing Machine, and his effective method of instruction called The Impact Zone.      

Bobby is going to be giving a “Golfing In The Zone Clinic” at Michael Murphy’s Golf In The Kingdom Marathon charity event on September 11-12, 2016 at Peacock Gap in San Rafael, CA. For more information and to register for the event, visit http://itp-international.org/GKM2016.

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