548 Premium: Golf Skate Caddy, the Newest Personal Golf Transport AND (Premium Episode) Golf Game Bo


548: The most interesting category in golf’s effort to bring young people to the game is the Personal Transport. Golf Skate Caddy is not your grandfather’s golf cart. Think about it as a electric surf board and/or a skate board. Just secure your bag, plug in your phone, put your beer on ice, grab the remote control, step aboard and off you go! Our guest is Patrick Pires to discuss the benefits and fun this product brings to the game. The video of this conversation also includes a short segment of host Fred Greene taking a ride around a course.


Watch the video at https://youtu.be/-0Uf9cOSojk  or http://GolfSmarter.com

Part 2 of this episode for Premium Subscribers features Mikko Rantanen of Golf Game Book. Golf Game Book is a free app for iOS (Android is coming) that includes 25 different game formats. This app also allows golfers to connect and share live results, comments, photos&videos no matter where they are…on or off the course.  You can watch this interview at GolfSmarter.com or https://youtu.be/Fpu0NG6i3WQ 

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