520 Premium : 2015 PGA Tour MattyB Awards & 10th Anniversary Celebration!


520: This is our 6th annual skewering of the PGA Tour & Players as the MattyB Awards takes center stage with comedian/actor/TV Personality Matty Blake. As he’s done in the past, these awards have a tendency to upset some PGA Tour fans, so this year we make it a drinking game! Each time Matty says something offensive, we take a swig (Matty:beer / Fred:vodka) so the show gets a little…OK, a lot out of hand. This year’s awards include the David Duval MattyB for Courage, The Hottest Wife, the best & worst golf related Media Appearance, the Middle Finger Matty, Mr. Blake-well’s best & worst dressed, Player and Moment of the Year…and more! You can also watch the entire episode from our live Blab event:

We also learn that MattyB got his first hole-in-one this year, so Fred awards a MattyB for a friend! Here’s the video:

And here’s the link to the article written about it.

This is also our 10th Anniversary of weekly episodes since 2005! Thanks to all the friends I’ve made through the podcast, to everyone who has enjoyed Golf Smarter over the years, to those who sent in congratulatory messages, and to all those listeners who I’ve had the pleasure to play golf with over the last decade.