#410 – Shave 5 Strokes Each Round Using the Right Putter (with Kenny Giannini)


#410 – Kenny Giannini has created putters for Arnold Palmer, Greg Norman, Mark O’Meara and “pretty much everyone”. He also was the first putter designer for the Ben Hogan Co., and the first to design milled faced putters for Cleveland Golf. Now he’s creating some of the best putters on the market for us at KennyGianniniPutters.com. In the first of 2 conversations, we discuss his history, philosophy, and why spending most of your club budget on Drivers is a big mistake.


In part 2 of the conversation for Members Only, Kenny and host Fred Greene discuss the various elements involved in building a putter and what the golf consumer should be aware of in making a purchase. We also discuss the value of a putter fitting with a skilled fitter.