Your Eyes May be the Secret Weapon That Puts You in the Winner’s Circle


777: When it comes to golf improvement, all too often we discuss and dissect various parts of our swings, our bodies, our mental state, our equipment, etc. Our guest today is Dr Ryan Caserta who has studied eye movement patterns as a way to improve all aspects of golf. For the past two decades, Ryan has analyzed key aspects of expert performance and how to maintain those levels. Working with amateur and professional golfers at every level has provided him insights on eye movement patterns rarely seen or understood. His perceptual-cognitive training has helped professional golfers win Majors, finish #1 on the money list, and helped a Golf Smarter listener and former guest (episode #495 Juan Gutierrez) to win the World Golf Hall of Fame Putting Championship.

This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans episode 93, we hear part 2 of our conversation with one of the world’s expert on golf swing tempo, John Novasel. Previously this was an exclusive Members Only episode and these insights have never been heard publicly before. While many golf instructors pound into each student the importance of position, grip, and alignment, they don’t talk much about tempo. The importance of tempo is a secret that every great player understands. Ernie Els’ beautiful and effortless swing succeeds because of his consistent and calculated tempo. The importance of tempo is a secret that great players understand, and is discussed at length with John, inventor of the Tour Tempo Micro Player, app, and book.