TV Personality, Writer & Producer Matt Ginella on the Rags To Riches story of L.A.B. Golf


943: Matt Ginella, TV personality from The Golf Channel and The FirePit Collective, discusses his obsession with L.A.B. Golf and his journey to uncover the story behind the company. Matt’s interest in L.A.B. Golf was sparked when he witnessed Lucas Glover’s success with the putter. He explains how his interviews with Sam and Bill Presse, the inventor of The Revealer, revealed the fascinating history of L.A.B. Golf. Matt also discusses the influence of Vaughn Taylor, Kelly Slater, and Adam Scott in the L.A.B. Golf story. The podcast series is described as an audio book, with each episode weaving together multiple voices to create a compelling narrative arc. This conversation covers a range of topics, including the importance of reporting and authenticity in broadcasting, Kelly Slater’s influence on golf, the success of L.A.B. Golf and the importance of tour recognition, the marketing of golf putters and the concept of “letting go of control to gain control”, the transformation of Lucas Glover and the power of never giving up. Fred and Matt also get some quick hits on golf courses in Northern Ireland that will be played on the Golf Smarter Royal Adventure in July. Takeaways

  • Matt Ginella’s obsession with L.A.B. Golf was sparked by Lucas Glover’s success with the putter.
  • The podcast series on L.A.B. Golf is like an audio book that weaves together multiple voices to create a compelling narrative arc.
  • The interviews with Sam Han and Bill Press revealed the fascinating history of L.A.B. Golf.
  • The influence of Vaughn Taylor, Kelly Slater, and Adam Scott played a significant role in the L.A.B. Golf story. Authenticity and thorough reporting are essential in broadcasting.
  • Kelly Slater’s influence extends beyond surfing and has had an impact on the highest level of golf.
  • Letting go of control can lead to better performance and results in golf and other aspects of life.
  • Lucas Glover’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance and never giving up.
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