Tony Manzoni Memorial Fund


It’s with great sadness that our great friend Tony Manzoni passed away on 10/13/18. We’ll be forever grateful for his warmth, insights, and friendship.

We have set up a Memorial Fund in Tony’s honor to benefit The First Tee of Coachella Valley. You can make your tax deductible donation by sending a check (please note “Tony Manzoni”) or you can donate online. If you donate online, please drop a quick email to [email protected] to give that chapter of The First Tee your name to confirm that your donation is credited to the memorial fund.

Cover and Inside flap

Tony’s book, “The Lost Fundamental: One Simple Move, Better Golf Forever” was out of print when Tony passed away, but through the efforts of Fred and co-author Paul Cervantes, we were able to get permission from his widow to make it available on Amazon, in both paperback and Kindle formats.

A year or so later, Tony completed production of the video of the same name. It’s only available as a private YouTube link. Please click here to request access to the video.

Here are the Golf Smarter episodes and links that Tony was featured on:

251, “The Single Pivot Swing – Ben Hogan’s Secret Revealed”
254 (republished as #617) “The Single Pivot Swing – In Detail”
291 “One Simple Move. Better Golf Forever. The Lost Fundamental”
328 “Stop Topping The Ball Forever!”
408 “Take Ownership Of Your Swing! Now Repeat It.”
409 “A Good Golfer’s Arms Never Pass the Body”
438-39 “Ben Hogan’s Lost Letter Discovered”
456 “Tony Manzoni Discusses Head Position at Address”
457 “If Tiger Asked Tony for Help, What Would He Say”
512 “Make Sure Your Intention Matches Your Golf Performance”
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595 “Pt2 Taking Your Golf Game to a New Level – One Club at a Time”
613 “A Golf School Like No Other in Terms of Experience, Expertise, and Price”

GolfSmarterTV featuring Tony

This is a piece written by Paul Cervantes who co-authored Tony’s book “The Lost Fundamental”

Go to page 8 of this online magazine article by Judd Spicer. Here are two more pieces on Tony by Mr. Spicer.

And Golf Smarter listeners have also shared their thoughts and memories about Tony.

Hey Fred,
   Before you started, really, right before you started this episode of the podcast I decided I was going to write you to see what was going on with Tony Manzoni.  I hadn’t heard anything or any questions for him in quite some time, so I was wondering.
   To my dismay, at the beginning of this episode, you told of Tony’s battle with cancer and eventual passing.  I did not know Tony, but did receive his DVD.  Since receiving the DVD, I have been working on his swing technique.  It has been a bucket list item for me to go California for lessons with Tony.  Alas, that is not going to happen.
   He seemed like he would have been a great guy to meet in person and obviously very knowledgeable.  I am sorry for his passing and want to pass along my condolences to his family if that is possible.

   Oh Boy what sad news! Our beloved Tony  passed away! 
   What a nice person, Golf Professional, Teacher, Father, Grandpa etc. etc. he in deed was!!! 
   Even from far away in Germany it’s clear to feel that he will be missed by a lot of people and that shows what a influence he had on many people on and off the course!
   U did a very very nice Job to honor him! Boy what a storyteller and rich life he had! He will make the golf heaven a bit brighter and damn smarter! 
   My  deepest condolences! 

Thank you Tony. We’ll miss you.