Today’s Equipment Could Be Hurting Your Game!


GSfMO#386 From Touring to Teaching, John “Lag” Erickson has seen golf from all sides and is concerned that the art of ball striking is disappearing. He contends that today’s highly advanced research to make clubs more forgiving is ruining the ability to become a great ball striker. Even the greatest players of today struggle when handed persimmon clubs, nor could they compete with the pre-metal club pros. It’s not just touch, but the sound of hitting balls has changed for the worst. Are you more interested in scoring than ball striking? John thinks you may be missing the point. He also says that the USGA and R&A hate golf.

For more, check out John’s website at Jon returns for Part 2 of our conversation in a Members Only episode to discuss his theories of instruction that teaches the swing from impact backwards.

Jon referred to the Shell’s Wonderful World of Golf classic matchup of Hogan vs. Snead. It’s now the featured video for you on the blog at

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