To Draw or To Fade: That Is The Question…Or Is It? with Joe Hallett


780: PGA Master Professional Joe Hallett returns to Golf Smarter because he wants to help all of us be better golfers. Being a PGA Master Professional means that he’s one of only 200 PGA Members that are the teachers for other PGA Certified Professional Instructors. He also has joined forces with the PerfectMotion app we’ve been talking about to provide you with instruction through the app. Joe usually charges $150/month to work with students through the app, but mention “golfsmarter” when you request having Joe provide instruction and you’ll get the “Even Par” special of only $72 for a month of remote coaching, or only $225hr when you visit Joe in person at the Vanderbilt Legends Golf Academy in Franklin, TN.

Joe Hallett on the Towel of Truth

In last week’s episode I mentioned that I was about to go out and play a round with a set of One Iron Golf Blackstone irons, my first time playing on a course with these single length irons. Here’s a brief recap of the round…

This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans episode 96 we open our scrap book to 2009, when the Presidents Cup was held at Harding Park in San Francisco. The next day, Golf Smarter listeners drove North across the Golden Gate Bridge to Marin County (home of host Fred Greene) to play 18 holes at Peacock Gap Golf Course. After our round, we gathered for dinner and a live conversation between listeners and our special guest, Jesse Ortiz of Bobby Jones Golf. This was just around the same time the USGA made their ruling on wedge grooves that was the first step to controversial bifurcation (different rules for the Tour Pros and amateurs). Next week, tune in to hear Fred’s recordings from the sounds of play at that President’s Cup event in San Francisco. This episode was #200 of Golf Smarter from October 2009. We don’t replay every Golf Smarter episode for Golf Smarter Mulligans because, in this case, the previous two episodes were discussing technology and websites that are no longer relevant or available.