The World Am is the “Everyman’s” US Open And They’re Open for Registration featuring Tournament Director, Scott Tomasello | #885


885: The World Amateur Handicap Championship, aka the World Am, attracts 3,200+ players from all 50 US states and 20 countries. The 72-hole, net stroke play tournament in Myrtle Beach, S.C., from August 28-September 1, 2023, that also hosts the World’s Largest 19th Hole, is now open for registration. Save $100 of the regular cost of entry if you register before March 23, 2023. Our guest is tournament Director Scott Tomasello who provides details and history of the event, now in it’s 40th year. Learn more and register at
This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans #201, is #2 of 9 episodes featuring our conversations with Tony Manzoni. Tony was an amazing golf instructor who passed away in 2018. We first met him in 2009, and in the dozen or so times he was on the podcast with us, emails flooded in with more positive feedback than any other teacher featured. Tony’s book, The Lost Fundamental, One Simple Move, Better Golf Forever, which was out of print when he passed away, is once again available on Amazon including Kindle format. Tony’s video of the same name was also out of circulation, but can now be seen online. If you’d like to gain access please write to me directly via email [email protected] or clicking on the Hey Fred button at
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In this episode, we introduce you to our latest podcast called “In this Story….with Joanne Greene”. (Fred’s wife of 42 years). You’ll recognize Joanne’s voice because she opens each episode of both Golf Smarter and Mulligans. These are short micro essays set to music, showcasing tales and observations from her animated life. We play you the first episode called “I Share a Cigarette with Jane Fonda”. Learn more about Joanne’s podcasts and her soon to be released memoir at
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