The Trackman Killer Might Be a Smart Golf Ball from Graff.Golf


810: Graff.Golf is working on a smart golf ball for your home/backyard practice sessions that will deliver the same helpful stats provided by incredibly expensive hardware used by teaching Professionals. In this episode we chat with a team from Graff Golf that includes Co-Founder & CEO Aaron Shapiro, Chief Design Officer Rowen Frazer, and VP of Content Development (and host of their podcast) Class A PGA Professional Sean Fairholm. We discuss how the idea was developed, how the product will work, overall value, and the benefits that will be realized by the average amateur golfer. It’s no coincidence that they’re being featured on our podcast as they say that this ball will help you Golf Smart!

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This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans 126 former PGA Tour Pro and Golf Channel announcer Andrew Magee joins us in the first of two episodes to discuss why it’s important for Tour Pros to play in Pro-Am events, how amateurs need to learn how to separate practice and playing for better results, and more. Andrew is the only player in PGA Tour history to have a hole-in-one on a Par4 in a sanctioned PGA Tour event. We’ll get more into that in part 2 which has never been published publicly before. Originally published in 2010.