The Moment You Change Your Mindset is the Moment You Change Your Golf Game!


773: Dr. Robert K Winters is the Resident Sports Psychologist at the David Leadbetter World Teaching Headquarters in Florida. It’s been twelve years since we had our last conversation with Dr. Bob, but his return to discuss confidence, the Yips, mindfulness, clutch performance, competition, and more doesn’t disappoint. You can find him at or his new training site,

You can also hear our previous conversations with Dr. Bob on Golf Smarter Mulligans #14 & #63.

This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans episode 89, we replay our interview with Marc Solomon of and the Golf Made Simple Golf Schools held throughout the world. This was originally a Members Only episode, so it’s never been heard in public before!

This concludes our 15th full year of Golf Smarter. Thank you so much for your loyal and continued support of both Golf Smarter and Golf Smarter Mulligans. Please join me each week in 2021 as we further our quest to become better, smarter golfers. I want to wish y’all a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. Stay safe. Stay well. Stay tuned. Fred.