The Masters, Augusta National,  and the Legacy of Legendary Bobby Jones with his Grandson, Dr. Bob Jones IV | #889


889: It’s Masters Week which means Spring is here and golf is in the air. It also means we get to visit again with the grandson of legendary golfer Bobby Jones, Dr. Bob Jones IV. Bobby Jones, the most successful amateur golfer in history, in addition to being the most famous athlete in the world during the 1920s, was responsible for both the creation of Augusta National alongside course architect Alister MacKenzie, and the founding of The Masters Tournament in 1934. In this conversation Dr. Bob tells stories about how Bobby Jones felt about calling the tournament “The Masters”, what it was like in the Jones household, and why Bobby Jones was considered a hero to so many. For more visit,, and

This week on Golf Smarter Mulligans #205, is #6 of 9 episodes featuring our conversations with Tony Manzoni. This episode addresses the biggest questions Tony received about the Single Pivot Swing vs Stack & Tilt. Tony was an amazing golf instructor who passed away in 2018. We first met him in 2009, and in the dozen or so times he was on the podcast with us, emails flooded in with more positive feedback than any other teacher featured. Tony’s book, The Lost Fundamental, One Simple Move, Better Golf Forever, which was out of print when he passed away, is once again available on Amazon including Kindle format. Tony’s video of the same name was also out of circulation, but can now be seen online. If you’d like to gain access please write to me directly via email [email protected] or clicking on the Hey Fred button at
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