The Internet is Killing Golf Instruction…and Probably Your Game!


600: Jim Waldron of the Balance Point Golf Schools has witnessed a huge shift in golf performance and instruction since the overwhelming amount of information that has been offered by high speed internet.  We call it instant gratification, Jim refers to it as Instant Contamination. There’s an intellectual exercise that should be incorporated into your practice and rounds, but because we have so much information to digest, it disappears in players who can’t understand why they’re not improving.

As promised, if you appreciate Jim’s wisdom and perspective as much as me, and have not heard all that we’ve been blessed to share, here’s a list of each of the Golf Smarter episodes where he can be heard, including all the Premium Episodes that were never available to everyone till now!

12/18/07 #105 “Introducing Jim Waldron”

8/19/08 #140 “Being Paralyzed by Too Many Swing Thoughts”

1/11 & 1/18/11 #265 & 266 “The 15 Gates of Golf (and the keys to unlock them)”

8/23 & 8/30/11 #295 & 296 “The Top 10 Traits of Better Golfers” part 1 & 2

2/7/ & 2/14/12 #319 & 320 “Are You Sure You’re Ready To Take the Next Shot?” & More on Consistency, Distance, and Accuracy”

6/26 & 7/3/12 #339 & 340 “Can Swing Changes Really Lower Your Scores?” Part 1 & 2

4/2 & 4/9/13 #378 & 379 “Power of 6 Practice Strategies” Part 1 & 2

9/3 & 9/10/13 #400 & 401 “You May Have the Yips and Not Know It! Dinner with Jim” & “Mentally Engaged – Emotionally Disengaged, Dessert with Jim”

4/29 & 5/6 #434 & 435 “Putting! Putting! Putting! Best Practices to Lose Strokes” & “Jim’s Keys to Putting – Confidence and Detachment”

1/27/15 #473 “Three Critical Elements to a Great Golf Swing”

12/15/15 #518 “Why Your Swing is Hurting You LESS Than You Think!”

7/26/16 #550 “The Yips: What They Are and How to Cure Them”

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